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Specializing in developing and organizing your in-field drilling, construction and completion projects.

Struthers Consulting Services

Provider of oil and gas technical professionals and service technicians across Alberta since 1994, Struthers Consulting Ltd. has your next projecy covered.

We provide daywork drilling, vertical, directional, horizontal, slant, coil tubing, air percusson, oil therapy recovery - SagD, gel chem, floc and amine mud systems for the oil and gas industry as well as a broad understanding of artificial lifts including rod pumps, gas and hydraulic or electric lift pumps, plunger lifts and ESP's.

Servicing the Oilfield Safely Since 1994

Whether you need assistance with wirelining, both conventional and pumpdowns, perforating, coil tubing, snubbing, stand alone or rig assist, stimulation, both cross link and linear gel, C02 and N2 foams, slick water and hybrid fracs, gas fracs or abrasion jets, we have the experinece to lead your next crew to a safe and sucessful completion.

Contact one of our safety consultants to organize your sites logistics, whether it be rig moves, heavy equipment coordination or route planning, safety coordination, including emergency response plans, route and evacuation planning, or supervison, to set up your next solution today.

Fort McMurray Restoration Disaster Help

Disater Coordinating, Sales, Procurement

• Security for all private and on site.
• Fencing and securement
• Qualified supervisors all areas , water wells, construction, accommodation, civil
• Procurement and sourcing, any item from anywhere for anyone
• Qualified workers all areas, electric, plumbing, carpenters, security, all trades, services and field, municiple, city
• Large list of qualified services providers country wide
• Contract viewing and price negotation
• Gereral contractors
• Water and sewer portabl and mobile services
• Surveyors, achitects
• EMT services air and ground
• Reefer vans and large mobile cold storage
• Water and food previsions suppliers
• Remote accommodations cw/ instal, power, services, housekeeping, kitchen staff, bookongs and more
• Transportation and logistics any size load
• Heavy duty mechanics
• Remote and complete skid mount mobile garages
• Insulated tents, anchors and matting
• Traffic control, site control logistics
• Municipal contractors , equipment and services, water treatment plants mobile water pumps
• Commercial contractors
• Residential contractors
• Construction specialists
• Job logging and personal prequalifing, first contact

Fort McMurray Restoration Disaster Help

Struthers Consulting Ltd. is deeply saddened by the tragedy of the Fort McMurray wildfire and those that have been affected by it. That’s why we have created a Fort McMurray restoration disaster division to aid with disaster coordinating, sales and procurement in this tough time.

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